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Travelogue: Jessica Kimura

Mar 26, 2011

Author: Sara Tollestrup

By most accounts 2010 was Jess Kimura’s breakthrough year. She had the opening part in Think Thanks’ Right Brain Left Brain, a full part in the latest Peep Show video Let's Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow, the cover of and feature interview in our 2011 Women’s Annual and she won two awards at Transworld’s Riders Poll. Let’s not forget , though, that Kimura has been killing it for years. She won the Volcom Peanut Butter and Rail Jam finals back in 2006, and she’s had solid parts in all of Peep Show’s films. Whichever way you slice it, one thing is clear, Kimura will be one to watch in the forthcoming Capita team video.

We caught up with the Vernon-born, rail destroyer to find out what she’s been up to this winter…and it’s not rails.

Name the last 4 places you’ve traveled to and why you were there.

  • Prince George, BC for Capita movie filming trip
  • Revelstoke, BC for pow shralping mission
  • Denver, CO for SIA/TWS Rider’s Poll Awards and Winter Park, CO afterwards for the Capita on-snow demo
  • Jackson Hole, WY with the Volcom crew

How was your trip to PG? Was it a "warm up and get your tricks back" type trip or serious get shots time?
It was the first real trip of the year, and I think my expectations were way too high. I ended up getting a few shots, but I also got pretty worked and had to take some time off after that. It was good in the end because it gave me some downtime to regroup before the season really got started.

How is it filming with the Capita crew this year?
Filming and riding with the Capita crew is always rad! I look up to those guys so much. I feel super lucky to be part of something that is so raw and real.

Is filming with Capita different than shredding and shooting with the Think Thank guys?
Every crew has a different dynamic and a unique method to their madness, but that’s what keeps it interesting! The main difference is that the Think Thank dudes have been filming with each other, in basically the same crew, for many years. With Capita, this is the first time that this particular team has worked together on one project. I see it as a once in a lifetime opportunity, so I’m pretty hyped on the timing.

Who’s your favourite person to film with?
Dykeboy [Jess’ longtime friend and often photographer too], hands down, but second place goes to Ben B and Sean Genovese.

Revelstoke, eh? Are you getting into the backcountry more?
I’ve always liked riding pow, but I never had the chance to really get out and film in the backcountry. Having limited resources over the past few years meant that riding and filming in the street was more feasible and affordable than chasing the pow. I think it will be a natural transition for me now that I’m getting more and more opportunities to get out there and figure it out. I want to carry over a creative and stylish approach from years of riding in the street to the backcountry. I’ve spent the majority of this season riding pow and working on gaining backcountry knowledge and confidence. I’m happy shredding anything, but no matter what kind of riding I’m doing, I just don’t want it to look boring, generic or lame.

A lot of people are calling last year your “breakthrough” year. Would you call it that?
I would say so. I definitely haven’t felt that level of success before in snowboarding. There was definitely a point where I started to doubt if I was going to make it or not. It was a slow build up, but all of a sudden, shit just popped. Finally. This was a crazy year for me, but I’m not planning on slowing down any time soon. I want to make the most of every moment I spend on my board.

What went down at the on-snow demo? Was it just hanging out and drinking or was there actual snowboarding involved?
Snowboarding was mandatory, drinking was optional. That is the rad thing about Capita and Union—snowboarding always comes first.

How was Jackson?
It was a Volcom team trip, and they had Brian Iguchi showing us around. It was pretty awesome. The snow was good, and we got some of the first bluebird days of the month. We went sledding and did some hiking out of the resort’s backcountry gates. It was really sick to get to hang and shred with Guch and Janna [Meyen-Wetherby]. I’ve looked up to those two forever. Oh, and no rails by the way.

Gnarliest crash so far this season?
Probably when the jump broke in Prince George, and I slammed my hip into a concrete corner. Got a decent sized bruise from that.

What’s your funniest story from your recent travels?
Any time I spend with Dkyeboy is the funniest story ever.

What’s up next for you?
Women’s Superpark is coming up at the end of the month, then men’s Superpark. In the meantime, I’m just going to keep on the grind filming as much as possible for my part in the Capita movie.

Jessica Kimura Travelogue
Early season car tow-ins in Armstrong, BC

Jessica Kimura Travelogue
Out with the Capita Crew: Jessica, Dykeboy, TJ Schneider, Andrew Burns, and our BC filmer, Mike Fikowski
Jessica Kimura Travelogue
Andrew Burns and TJ Schneider at a famous spot near Prince George
Jessica Kimura Travelogue
"My hip and ass after the Prince George trip."
Jessica Kimura Travelogue
Staying warm in the backcountry
Jessica Kimura Travelogue
A long day in Revy
Jessica Kimura Travelogue
Plenty balls-deep in the good stuff

Jessica Kimura Travelogue
Dykeboy, Jesse Burtner from Think Thank, and Kimura, in matching Stack Footy T-shirts at the 2011 TWS Riders Poll Awards in Denver. Kimura was nominated for four awards: Rookie of the Year, Women’s Rider of the Year, Women’s Video Part of the Year, and Women’s Reader’s Choice
Jessica Kimura Travelogue
"I ended up taking home two awards, one for Video Part of the Year (for my part in Think Thank’s
Right Brain Left Brain), and one for Women’s Reader’s Choice. Stoked!"
Jessica Kimura Travelogue
Turning bolts at the Capita/Union on-snow demo at Winter Park
Jessica Kimura Travelogue
"Really stoked on my first trip to Jackson Hole."

Jessica Kimura Travelogue
"Our guide, Brian Iguchi, scoping lines with Bryn Valaika and Elena Height."
Jessica Kimura Travelogue
Some sweet lines, Jackson Hole style



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