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December Rider of the Month: Colleen Quigley

Dec 3, 2009

Author: Sara Tollestrup

Colleen Quigley is a mix of all things good. The tall redhead is a little East Coast and a little West Coast. She was born and raised in Massachusetts where she developed her love for Dunkin' Donuts and East Coast style riding. This summer she moved out to SoCal so that she could live the beach life and surf as much as possible. Colleen can be shy when you first meet her, but don't piss her off because she's not afraid to speak her mind when needed. Her riding skills are as diverse as her personality. She rides everything with style whether it be a rail, jump, wallride, halfpipe or even pow.

What are you looking forward to this month?
Going out to SLC to hit early season jumps at Park City, then Colorado for the Dew Tour.  I'm pretty anxious about it, but I'm really excited to give it a whirl.  It will be a total change of pace for me.  Also, I am super excited to go home to Mass for the holidays, hang out with family, friends, and snowboard on some good old East Coast mountains.  

What would you like to accomplish this month?
I would like to get comfortable on jumps for the season, dial some tricks, hopefully do well at the Dew Tour and start logging some shots for the new Peep Show flick. 

Which female snowboarder(s) did you look up to when you were growing up?
Janna Meyen Wethersby, Jamie Macleod, and Tara of course.  That's probably where I got my obsession with backflips from.  But really, I looked up to so many ladies that were ripping at the time.

Best female snowboard video part? 
I like watching a lot of different girl's style, but  Annie's part in the Absinthe movie this year made me say dang.  

What is your pre-shred routine?
This summer it was wake up, get dressed, threaten my roommates with physical violence for unplugging my boot dryer, make sure my ipod is charged, eat breakfast, drink a lot of coffee and stretch out my legs.   

What is the best way to avoid getting injured?
I think just overall staying healthy and keeping in shape.  Also, balancing riding within your ability level,  but staying far from timid.  A lot of people get hurt when they try tricks they're not really ready for, so I guess knowing when to back down and when to step up.

Which trick could you use a little help with? 
Oh, there are so many.  My list of tricks I want to learn goes on and on....  I'd really like to learn some fun pipe tricks.  I love flips, so cripplers and a haakon flip would be sick!  I really suck at switch backside too, so I could use a lot of help in that department!  Methods, my method are weak.  Oh and tailpresses, I suck at those.  It really goes on and on.  

Where would you like to go snowboarding that you've never been to before?
Another list that goes on forever.  I've really wanted to go to Japan the last few years, but Alaska, Europe, South America would be amazing.  Getting chowda is always awesome, but I like snowboarding different places and experiencing the different spots and snowboard cultures that evolve around them.  I've been to Iceland, but not to snowboard.  Even though they don't get the best snow, I'd love to go ride there- it seems like a fun scene.  

How do you motivate yourself to go out and ride when the weather is bad?
I've had some of the most fun days in bad weather.  Snowboarding in rain can be super fun. It pretty much is what you make it-  If you know you're going to go have fun with your friends, you will.  If you're a negative nancy, it probably won't be fun.  I get motivated because I know it will be fun.  

Who is your favourite person to snowboard with?
This is a really tough one, I love snowboarding with all my friends!  And anyone who is having fun.  

What is your favourite song? 

It changes all the time, but probably "Clampdown" by the Clash.

Other than snowboarding what are you most passionate about?

Making the most of all the experiences I've been so lucky to have.

Best thing about being a girl?

Boys lift heavy things for you.

Best thing about being a snowboarder? 
Getting to snowboard everyday! 

Friends and Family.  SBC, Nikita, Airblaster, Dakine, Capita, Union, Vans, Eastern Boarder and Waterville Valley!

Colleen creeping. Mike Azevedo photo 

Slashing it! Red Mountain, BC. Hockenstein photo 

Getting pow in Rossland, BC. Hockenstein photo

Clizz photo





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