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November Rider of the Month: IRIS LAZZARESCHI

Nov 1, 2008

Author: Sara Tollestrup

If you don't know Iris Lazzareschi, or Iris Lazz for short, you soon will. This Tahoe, California native is certainly catching people's attention with her charge-hard-and-send-it style. She came aboard a Snowboard Canada Women's Annual road trip from Bear Mountain north to Sierra-at-Tahoe last season and proved she was willing to work hard and get things done. Sara Tollestrup caught up with her for a chat about the coming month, her favourite post-shred eats, and getting ready for the upcoming season. 

What are your plans for the month?
Celebrate thanksgiving with the family, spend some quality time with friends, get back to Tahoe and ready for winter.

What is something you’ve learned this month?

How much I don't like drama.

Where is the craziest place snowboarding has taken you?
Iceland for sure -- never thought I would go there!

Who is your favourite person to travel with?

Traveling with people usually stresses me out, I like rollin’ solo.

How do you entertain yourself on long flights?
Daydreaming, thinking, knitting, writing, reading and sleeping.

What is one item you will not go snowboarding without?
A nose full of boogers, and a snack in my pocket.

What is your favourite apres shred meal?
Chicken wings

Aside from snowboarding, how do you stay strong and healthy?
Eating well, staying active in all different sports, working out, and laughing.

What is something the average person doesn't know about pro snowboarding?
It’s so mental and so much more a business than skills even though they go hand in hand.

What is one thing people should know about you?
I'm a serious person -- when I'm serious I mean it, and when I'm joking I'm seriously joking.

What is your all-time favourite movie?
Dumb and Dumber

Which female snowboarder has influenced you the most?

Janna Meyen

Who is currently raising the bar in women's snowboarding?
Janna Meyen

If you could give one piece of advice to women, snowboarders or not, what would it be?
Be confident in who you are, have good balance in all parts of your life, and don't be afraid of your own opinion.

God, faithfully letting it still snow in the winters to make our favourite hobbies possible. Mom, Dad, Joelle, Johnny, Nic, all the positive people in my life -- you know who you are and I'm stoked you've been apart of it.


Photos by Ashley Barker and Lisa Hughes


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